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Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express

Travelling on the Orient Express, Poirot is approached by a desperate man. Afraid that someone plans to kill him, Ratchett asks Poirot for help ...

Why we chose this novel

One of Christie's cleverest "locked room" mysteries, made famous by the feature film which also revived the fortunes of the historic train on which the story is set.

But there's more to the story than the train and the film version. This book is unusual in more ways than one. Join Christie fans in the forum this month as we read and discuss the plot mechanics, style, humour and human observations in this classic Christie.

did you know?

The underlying plot of the story was one Agatha Christie pulled from the headlines at the time, the abduction of Charles Lindberg’s son, a traumatic real-life mystery involving murder and extortion that had yet to be solved when Murder on the Orient Express was published. As for the setting, Christie had long professed a love of the Orient Express, finally achieving her dream of travelling on it in 1928 with her first solo trip abroad. In writing the story, she painstakingly noted the details of the carriages; clues such as the position of door handles would prove vital to Poirot’s investigation. Several fans, in fact, have followed in Christie’s footsteps, double-checking her descriptions.