Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap enters its 65th year

25th November 2016

As Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap enters its 65th year of a record-breaking run, we’ve compiled some fun facts about the world’s longest running stage production.

- Since it opened on 25th November 1952, 450 actors and actresses have appeared in the play.

- The Mousetrap began life as a radio play which was written at the request of the BBC for Queen Mary.

- It has now been presented in 27 languages in more than 50 countries.

- The late Deryck Guyler provided the pre-recorded voice of the newsreader in the first act and the same recording is still used today.

- When The Mousetrap opened, Mr Winston Churchill was Prime Minister, much essential food was rationed, and television programmes ended at 10:30pm.

- The play moved from The Ambassadors Theatre to the St. Martin’s Theatre in March 1974 without missing a single performance!

- Agatha Christie gave the rights to The Mousetrap to her grandson Mathew Prichard when he was nine years old!

- In An Autobiography Agatha Christie said that she initially thought The Mousetrap would only run for a maximum of eight months.

- Every performance of The Mousetrap sets a new world record for the number of performances and after each performance the audience is asked 'to preserve the tradition of The Mousetrap by keeping the secret locked in their hearts.'

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