Agatha Christie Spring Reading List

3rd April 2017

To welcome in Spring, we’ve put together a reading list featuring a selection of Agatha Christie’s short stories with a Spring like theme. Have a read of the stories taken from short story collections Poirot’s Early Cases, The Thirteen Problems, and The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding.

How Does Your Garden Grow? – published in Poirot’s Early Cases

Hercule Poirot receives a letter requesting him to investigate a number of matters, but when he responds he discovers through his secretary that she is dead. He is convinced that she has been murdered and sets to work to solve the mystery of her death.

The Blue Germanium – published in The Thirteen Problems

A random group of people, The Tuesday Night Club, come together to tell tales of mysteries, later to be solved by Miss Marple. One of them is the tale of Mary Pritchard lives in fear of a psychic’s message: blue primrose is a warning, blue hollyhock is danger, and the blue geranium is death.

Greenshaw’s Folly – published in The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

Raymond West gets drawn into a deadly adventure when he visits Greenshaw's Folly. The lady of the house is drawing up a will, but when she is murdered a few days later, all the suspects have alibis. Can West's aunt, Miss Marple solve the case?

The Four Suspects – published in The Thirteen Problems

Dr Rosen is found dead and the four members of his household claim to have heard nothing. None of them has an alibi. Is this crime the act of a secret organisation?

Ingots of Gold – published in The Thirteen Problems

Raymond West approaches the Tuesday Night Club after his visit to John Newman, a friend who is searching for the Spanish ship Otranto which was shipwrecked off the coast of Cornwall. When John Newman disappears for days, upon his return he claims that he had been abducted by the thieves who had stripped the Otranto of its gold, and that the local pub landlord had worked with them.

The Herb of Death - published in The Thirteen Problems

A lovely young woman dies after eating being poisoned at a dinner party. But everyone else was taken ill, so was she really the intended victim? Miss Marple investigates!

The Affair at the Victory Ball – published in Poirot’s Early Cases

Set in Spring, the fifth viscount, Lord Cronshaw, accompanies his friends to the Victory Ball, dressed as the commedia dell’arte characters. Poirot comes to the rescue when two of the party are found dead.