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A dose of romance with Agatha Christie

8th February 2018

Themes of love and romance weave in and out of many of Agatha Christie’s 66 detective novels, plays and short stories. Choose your dose of romance from an Agatha Christie with these selected works.

The Christie Couple - Tommy and Tuppence 

International spies, two world wars, murders, thefts and not to mention marriage, Tommy and Tuppence seek out excitement wherever it may lie. Tuppence leads the way with her charismatic nature, while Tommy’s slow, considered manner provides the perfect foil. Together they form the 'Young Adventurers Ltd' and the escapades begin.

Agatha Christie’s most well-known couple start their adventure in 1922 in The Secret Adversary, Christie’s 2nd published novel. Over the course of 50 years Tommy and Tuppence appear in three further novels and a short story collection. They are Christie’s only characters to age in real time, starting their journey with marriage in the early twenties, and into their retirement in 1973’s Postern of Fate. Indulge in the couple’s lifelong adventure.

The play – Love from a Stranger

Cecily Harrington has led a staid and proper existence. After winning a large amount of money in a sweepstake she desperately yearns for a life of adventure. Enter Bruce Lovell, a handsome and charming stranger who sweeps her off her feet. In a whirlwind romance, she recklessly abandons her job, friends and fiancé to settle in the remote and blissful surroundings of a country cottage. What could possibly go wrong?

The short story collection – The Mysterious Mr. Quin

Meet the love detectives, Mr Quin and Mr Satterthwaite, in this collection containing 12 short stories. With his supernatural foresight, Mr Quin leads Satterthwaite as he untangles dramas, love affairs, and the occasional murder!

It had been a typical New Year’s Eve party. But as midnight approaches, Mr Satterthwaite - ­­a keen observer of human nature – senses that the real drama of the evening is yet to unfold. And so it proves when a mysterious stranger knocks on the door. Who is Mr Quin?

Mr Satterthwaite’s new friend is an enigma. Throughout this collection of short stories he seems to appear and disappear almost like a trick of the light. In fact, the only consistent thing about him is that his presence is always an omen – sometimes good, but sometimes deadly.

The novel – The Hollow

Lucy Angkatell invites Hercule Poirot to lunch. To tease the great detective, her guests stage a mock murder beside the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the victim plays the scene for real. As his blood drips into the water, John Christow gasps one final word: ‘Henrietta’. In the confusion, a gun sinks to the bottom of the pool. Poirot’s enquiries reveal a complex web of romantic attachments. It seems everyone in the drama is a suspect – and each a victim of love.

The standalone short story –The Manhood of Edward Robinson

Sane and sensible Edward Robinson secretly dreams of fast cars, adventurous women and danger, but his fiancée, Maud, keeps him grounded in reality. When Edward wins money in a newspaper competition, he immediately buys the sleek red car of his dreams – without telling Maud. Adventure swiftly ensues, as he is embroiled in high society scandals that lead him to a significant transformation.