Death on the Nile - PP


First published: 1934


Death on the Nile - PP

Death on the Nile - PP

Parker Pyne is on a ship sailing up the Nile from Assouan to Cairo. Among the passengers are a group of wealthy British travellers. One of them, Lady Grayle, soon lets Pyne know someone is trying to poison her. All the evidence points to her husband but can Pyne save her before the killer gets his wish?

More about this story

Not to be confused with the more famous novel of the same name, Parker Pyne also travelled on a steamer down the Nile, meeting his own selection of eccentric characters in need of some detection services. Although this story shares its title, that is where the resemblance ends.

This story first appeared in the UK in Pall Mall Magazine, and was later included in the collection Parker Pyne Investigatesin 1934.

It has never been adapted.

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