Murder in Mesopotamia

Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989-2013)

"The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it."

Hercule Poirot

Murder in Mesopotamia

Season 8, Episode 1

The episode was adapted by Clive Exton – a veteran Agatha Christie screenplay writer, who also wrote the first episode The Adventure of the Clapham Cook. Poirot and Hastings venture to Mesopotamia, on the request of a certain Countess Vera Rossakoff, a rare love interest for Poirot. When they arrive a separate mystery presents itself and it’s not long before a murder occurs. Poirot, as ever, is out of his element when investigating in an exotic location, but soon adapts.

Set on an archaeological site, the scenes of the dig were filmed in an existing excavation site in Tunisia. This is one of several examples of the Poirot series filming outside of the UK. The site, Oudhna, is filmed to resemble Iraq, where Agatha Christie herself participated in archaeological work and where she met her second husband, Max Mallowan.

In fact, many of the characters in Murder in Mesopotamia were inspired by Agatha Christie’s colleagues on the dig at Nimrud, not least the murder victim.

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Murder in Mesopotamia

A facsimile first edition hardback of the famous Poirot book.

When Amy Leatheran travels to an ancient site in the Iraqi desert to nurse the wife of a celebrated archaeologist, events prove stranger than she has ever imagined. Her patient's bizarre visions and nervous terror seem unfounded, but as the oppressive tension in the air thickens, events come to a terrible climax.

Reproducing the original typesetting and format of the first edition from the Christie family's own archive, this book sports the original cover which has been painstakingly restored to its original glory.

Murder in Mesopotamia [Unabridged]

It is clear to Amy Leatheran that something sinister is going on at the Hassanieh dig in Iraq; something associated with the presence of "Lovely Louise," wife of celebrated archaeologist Dr. Leidner.

In a few days' time Hercule Poirot is due to drop in at the excavation site. But with Louise suffering from terrifying hallucinations, and tension within the group becoming almost unbearable, Poirot might just be too late. . . .

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Poirot stars David Suchet as the enigmatic, eccentric and extremely intelligent Belgian detective who pits his wits and little grey cells against first class deceptions and murderers. Poirot is aided in his tasks by Miss Lemon and Hastings his reliable side kick.

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Murder in Mesopotamia

An expedition to excavate the ruins of an ancient city is halted by a grisly murder. Mrs Leidner, wife of the famous archaeologist, had been warning about death threats, but everyone knows how the heat plays tricks on the mind.

Now, on the edge of the beautiful River Tigris, the open desert becomes the claustrophobic setting for an exotic investigation…