Peril at End House

Peril at End House

Season 2, Episode 1

Poirot and Hastings spend one of their many holidays together, at the Hotel Majestic on the Cornish Riviera. But a beautiful young woman’s life is in danger - just the mystery to intrigue Poirot's grey cells.

Peril at End House was the first full-length Poirot novel to be adapted for the series and is therefore twice as long as the episodes which came before it. The story revolves around a young woman named Nick Buckley who is convinced someone is trying to murder her. This is a lucky distraction for Poirot as he is less than thrilled with the holiday so far. Look out for some splendid hats and period dresses.

The episode was shot on location in Salcombe, Devon, rather than on the actual Cornish Coast where the story is set. Director, Renny Rye explained: “Salcombe actually had more Thirties elements about it than we could find on the Cornish Coast – which was our main criterion. A little deception is an essential thing in television, I believe, and as Agatha Christie didn’t set her story in any specific Cornish town I hope we didn’t upset anyone too much!”

The novel, published in 1932, was one of Agatha Christie’s most successful and has been adapted in multiple forms since, including as a play, graphic novel, and a PC game. This was the first time the story had been adapted for television.

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