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Agatha Christie's 10 Favourite Books

In response to a Japanese fan's list of favourites, Christie wrote this in 1972:

"My own ten would certainly vary from time to time because every now and then I re-read an early book for some particular reason, to answer a question that has been asked me perhaps, and then I alter my opinion – sometimes thinking it is much better than I thought it was – or not so good as I had thought.

At the moment my own list would possibly be:

And Then There Were None – a difficult technique which was a challenge and so I enjoyed it, and I think dealt with it satisfactorily.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - a general favourite.

A Murder is Announced – I thought all the characters interesting to write about and felt I knew them quite well by the time the book was finished.

Murder on the Orient Express – again because it was a new idea for a plot.

The Thirteen Problems – a good series of stories.

Towards Zero – I found it interesting to work on the idea of people from different places coming towards a murder, instead of starting with the murder and working from that.

Endless Night – my own favourite at present.

Crooked House – I found a study of a certain family interesting to explore.

Ordeal By Innocence - an idea I had had for some time before starting to work upon it.

The Moving Finger – which I have re-read lately and enjoyed reading it again, very much."

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