Sam Neill

A decorated war hero, General MacArthur is decent, upstanding and thoroughly romantic. A patriot, no doubt about it, yet there is much about the war that haunts him – much that he finds unspeakable.

Talking about the plot, Sam explains:

I very much wanted to know what happened - I thought it could be one of them or an outside agency. Thrilling stuff.
Sam Neill

Sam Neill plays General MacArthur

Talking about his character in And Then There Were None Sam explains General MacArthur is a man haunted by his past: "I always think that most Agatha Christie murderers have done things against their better nature, and if you do things like this you are much more likely to be wracked with guilt and regret than someone who is an out and out villain."

"This book is set on the cusp of the Second World War and that must have been very much on Agatha Christie’s mind when she wrote this book. This stands for what’s happened and what came out of Europe was a lot of damaged men and an even worse war."

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