Toby Stephens

With his Harley Street practice, substantial wealth and enduring good looks, the confident and precise Dr Armstrong, who specialises in women’s ailments, is by most measures a tremendous success. But it takes little to expose his terrible temper, which sours life for all who cross his path. Talking about And Then There Were None, Toby says:

It’s a clever piece of plotting; it has a real sense to it like a mechanism that works in a very satisfying way like a needle in a clock.
Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens playing Doctor ArmstrongToby Stephens talks about his character, Doctor Armstrong: "With Armstrong I felt like he’s just one of those people you meet initially and think he’s a horrible man, he’s sort of priggish, arrogant, smug, slightly conceited and then you realise actually he’s this tragic character that because of his past has been ruined, his life has been blighted."

This is something he feels stretches across all of the characters in this adaptation of And Then There were None and is what makes them interesting.

“Initially you look at them and think they’re all just really unpleasant people but when you get to know them deeper the reasons why they are unpleasant people are revealed to the audience and it gives you a certain amount of empathy with the characters and their predicament."

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