An eight-part drama set in the Republic of China


Checkmate has arrived online on iQiyi

The leading duo and Director of My Roommate Is a Detective reunite for a thrilling new drama, based on the Hercule Poirot stories. The first official Agatha Christie show for the Chinese-language regions.

Checkmate tells the story of a young lawyer Situ Yan (Hu Yitian) who lost his job due to his stickler attitude towards principle and justice. When he went to Harbin to become a detective and flex his muscles on cracking numerous crime cases, he met and made friends with honest and straight-talking detective Luo Shaochuan (Leon Zhang) and mysteriously charming Lady Zhou Mowan (Viann Zhang). Along with journalist Jin Qiming (Xuan Yan), and a young lady from a wealthy family Zou Jingxuan (Shen Yujie), this team of five work together to solve cases and seek the truth. The world-class IP is adapted for the first time in Chinese-language regions, integrated into the styles of the Republic of China, eight cases are officially assembled, and the plots are full of interlocking details.

Produced by iQiyi and Shengjin Picture, and directed by Zhang Weike. Stream the show now on iQiyi.

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