The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side - a TV Asahi Agatha Christie special

Japanese language adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's classic mysteries from TV Asahi


A Japanese language adaptation based on of one of Agatha Christie's classic stories, 大女優殺人事件~鏡は横にひび割れて~ (The Murder of a Great Actress – The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side).

A firm favourite with Japanese audiences, police chief Shokokuji (played by Ikki Sawamura) returns to solve another case, with his acute powers of observation, inimitable presence and unique way of talking.

A murder occurs during a luxurious party hosted by a famous actress. While it’s assumed that the criminal’s real target was the actress, a second, then third murder takes place… Everyone is a potential suspect, and when the investigation runs into difficulties Shokokuji must tackle the biggest mystery!

Who is the criminal? And who is the criminal’s real target?

Broadcast on 25th March as part of TV Asahi's Agatha Christie special. Find out more here:

The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side, from TV Asahi

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