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The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd – Japanese title, Kuroido Goroshi – is Fuji TV’s follow up to their hugely successful adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express.


The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd – Japanese title, Kuroido Goroshi – is Fuji TV’s follow up to their hugely successful adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express. It reunites the dream team of leading writer, Koki Mitani, who was responsible for the screenplay and Mansai Nomura who plays detective Suguro (Hercule Poirot). Once again, a high profile cast has been assembled. Kuroido Goroshi airs on 14th April 2018 on Fuji TV in Japan.

March 1952, the only doctor in the village Shiba had found a dead body of Sanako. The cause of death is overdose of sleeping pills. Sanako had been suspected for killing her own husband so Dr. Shiba’s sister Kana is guessing that she has committed suicide due to being tormented by killing her husband. Dr. Shiba’s best friend Mr. Kuroido, the richest man in the village had been proposing Sanako, so he is deeply shocked by her death. Mr. Kuroido invites Dr. Shiba to his house and had dinner together with his niece Hanako, step sister Mitsuru, his secretary Shigeichi, and his old friend Goro. After the dinner when Mr. Kuroido is having a talk with Dr. Shiba privately, he told Dr. Shiba, that Sanako had told him that she had been threatened by a man for killing her husband. At the same timing, the postman brings a letter of will written by Sanako. Mr. Kuroido wants to read by himself so Dr. Shiba leaves his house. 

After that, Dr. Shiba receives the news that Mr. Kuroido had been killed by someone… Everyone who was in Mr. Kuroido’s house is the suspect, including all the members of Kuroido family, butler, secretary, maids, etc. The Detective Suguro (Hercule Poirot) will investigate the case. Dr. Shiba will be assisting him. As things are searched by them, a shocking fact has been brought to light…

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