Hayley Carmichael

English actress and theatre-director Hayley Carmichael has had a successful acting career across theatre, television and film. Her TV credits include Call the Midwife, Our Zoo and Tunnel of Love. Hayley is the co-founder of the theatre company Told By An Idiot, and won the TMA and Time Out awards in 1999 for Best Actress for her performances in I Weep at my Piano, Mr Puntilla and The Dispute.

Hayley plays John Mayhew’s wife, Alice, in The Witness for the Prosecution. Stifled by years of repressed emotion, Alice has as much verve and vigour as the grey meals she makes Mayhew for dinner. Haunted by the memory of her son who died at war, her few, precious moments of happiness are spent in his bedroom, left perfectly intact since the moment he left.

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