Brand New Digital Storytelling App


Introducing Mr Quin, the first digital drama of its kind and the first contemporary adaptation featuring two of Agatha Christie's favourite characters, Quin and Satterthwaite.

The Mr Quin app is experienced as a fast paced multimedia steam with social functionality that allows viewers to share and comment on the content. The production has been shot entirely on iPhones and GoPros, often filmed by the cast themselves.

The pilot episode, Love & Death, is based on the first story in The Mysterious Mr Quin short story collection, The Coming of Mr Quin. Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones, Aquarius) plays Mr Satterthwaite, a special guest at an exclusive party where a group of young social figures have gathered for the first time since their mutual friend's mysterious suicide. The action takes place throughout the party where the celebratory mood quickly shifts to one of suspense and intrigue as the truth of past events begins to catch up with them.

Join Mr Satterthwaite as he live blogs from the party and watch the mystery unfold and the lies unravel.

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