Brian Blessed takes a stab at directing The Hollow


Bullets pumping into the body of Dr John Cristow was the wish of many people, but who actually pulled the trigger?

Did the Butler do it? Was it his wife? An ex-mistress? A jealous suitor? Perhaps the Lady of the house, Lucy, isn’t as nutty as she seems? Is Midge, a young sales girl, hiding something? Let’s not forget the maid, Doris.

So, who did it? You decide. With the help of Detective Inspector Colquhoun who will take you through all the fascinating clues. For this is typical Agatha Christie – murder, mayhem and a lot of laughs before the culprit is eventually found...

Renowned national treasure Brian Blessed OBE is directing Agatha Christie's The Hollow at The Mill at Sonning theatre in Berkshire, England. Brian is joined by his wife and daughter as they take on two of the roles in the play.

Brian deservedly achieved national fame as Fancy Smith in the BBC TV series of Z-Cars. Later at the Royal Shakespeare Company he created many of the bard’s leading roles. His film work includes Star Wars, Tarzan, Flash Gordon and more.

Find out more about the production and book tickets here.

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