Agatha Christie HoloLens experience at Port Eliot Festival


Agatha Christie’s stories take on a new format this summer as a mixed reality experience, brought to life through a Microsoft HoloLens at Port Eliot Festival. The experience uses archive recording of Agatha Christie reading from her 1972 Poirot novel, Elephants Can Remember. Using Microsoft HoloLens headsets, audiences will be immersed into an augmented delivery of the first scene of the book, set in Ariadne Oliver’s bedroom. The previously unreleased recording of Agatha Christie is heard alongside holographic cues for plot points and character dialogue.

The mixed reality performance will be seamlessly integrated into the Port Eliot Estate, taking place in an fitting bedroom in the main house, which will be made open to the public for the first time. After the festival, which takes place 27th-30th July 2017 in Cornwall, the Elephants Can Remember Hololens experience will be available at a selection of literary, storytelling and new technology events, which will include virtual reproductions of the Port Eliot bedroom furnishings.

Talking about the project digital artist Scott Fletcher said, “We are all excited to be bringing Agatha Christie’s work to life in a genuinely new way. The immersive flexibility of the technology, historical resonance of the audio and subtle visual narrative expressions layered over the fantastically atmospheric historic setting, will offer magical glimpses into Agatha Christie’s mystery in her very own words.”

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