And Then There Were None in Japan


This Spring a brand new Japanese screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is airing on TV Asahi. This will be the first Japanese screen production of Agatha Christie’s best-selling novel.

Behind the adaptation is award winning writer Ed Nagasaka Hidekazu and director Mr. Seiji Izumi who is famously known in Japan for directing the TV Asahi ‘Aibo Series.’ Talking about the appeal of adapting And Then There Were None, Executive Producer Mr. Igarashi explained that he’s excited that almost 80 years since first being published, the story still fills both readers and viewers with suspense from the beginning until the very end.

The main source of inspiration for the production came from the setting of the book which Mr. Igarashi described as “the most splendid part of the work.” This inspiration is reflected in the isolated island chosen to represent Soldier Island. Building on this, the designers have given the set a touch of ‘modern Japan’ to appeal to viewers, encouraging them to enjoy the charm of Christie’s works. The adaptation is set in the modern day, and in accordance, some of the crimes committed by the ten people summoned to Soldier Island have been contemporised.

Mr. Igarashi explains that it was important for him that the storyline of their adaptation remained loyal to the original novel, paying particular attention to the portrayals of the 10 characters, and the order and method of the murders.

And Then There Will None will air on the 25th and 26th March. Visit TV Asahi for more information about the adaptation.

Find out more about Agatha Christie’s original story here.

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