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Book of the Month: Evil Under the Sun

Hercule Poirot’s quiet break in Devon is disrupted by a brutal murder, in July’s Book of the Month: Evil Under the Sun. Written in 1940, this intriguing whodunnit acts as perfect escapism, whether you’re jetting off or staying put this summer.

Holidaymakers at the Jolly Roger Hotel on the British coast are in for a shock, as former actress Arlena Stuart is found dead on the resort’s private beach. Amongst the hotel guests is the seemingly besotted Patrick Redfern and his much-maligned wife Christine, Arlena’s late husband Captain Marshall who refutes any claims he was jealous, and his teenage daughter Linda. As rumours abound about Arlena’s relationship with Patrick, Poirot and a local Devonshire detective must get to the bottom of this apparent crime of passion. To solve the murder, the Belgian detective must decipher the truth from a handful of gossip-mongering guests, as well as avoiding his least favourite mode of transport: boats.

There is no such thing as a really calm sea. Always, always, there is motion.
Hercule Poirot, Evil Under the Sun

Both Peter Ustinov and David Suchet have starred in adaptations of this summer story. In other literary references, Mark Watney, the lone protagonist stranded on Mars in Andy Weir’s The Martian, also seeks distraction by reading this Agatha Christie novel.

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