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Book of the Month: The Thirteen Problems

The Thirteen Problems (or The Tuesday Night Murders as it is known in the US) is October’s book of the month, a suitably spooky celebration of Miss Marple’s wit and determination. Published in 1932, this short story collection has an overarching narrative, which introduces Miss Marple as an astute and intelligent resident of St Mary Mead, who is too often overlooked.

‘What is your opinion?’
‘You wouldn’t like my opinion, dear. Young people never do, I notice. It is better to say nothing.’
Miss Marple, to her nephew Raymond West, The Thirteen Problems

As members of the Tuesday Night Club meet to share impossible puzzles, Jane Marple amazes with her deductions. From bleeding cobble stones, to a suspicious shipwreck, this book has plenty of unusual mysteries that keep readers guessing. As Halloween approaches, we couldn’t fail to include a book that features fortune tellers, a séance and an ancient relic which seems to be exerting an evil influence over guests. Enjoy watching Miss Marple solve crimes using clever observations, and a comprehensive understanding of human nature which she has learnt from village life.

Twelve of these short stories were originally published in fiction magazines, and several have been adapted for TV. The Blue Geranium was adapted as part of Agatha Christie’s Marple, played by Julia McKenzie in 2010.

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