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There’s no better way to escape your must-do chores, or everyday journeys than with an audiobook. The team at Agatha Christie Ltd are all keen listeners, but with so many Christie stories to choose from, you might be wondering how to begin your listening journey. This list is for you! All stories are available for audio download via Audible, Google Play or the Apple Books store, unless otherwise indicated. Plus, we take a look at some of the excellent podcasts fans have created which cover the Queen of Crime, and plenty more…

Listen to a novel

Murder is Easy, read by Gemma Whelan

This perfect, pacy thriller is a great read, and a lovely listen too. Recently recorded by actress Gemma Whelan, this classic standalone story will take you to the village of Wychwood under Ashe to investigate plenty of sinister accidents that have ended in death. Surely, our narrator Luke Fitzwilliam reasons, that these can’t all be coincidences?

Death on the Nile, read by Kenneth Branagh

Rediscover this much-loved Agatha Christie mystery, read by Poirot star himself, Kenneth Branagh. Allow the reader’s dulcet tones to transport you to a relaxing river cruise down the Nile, which (naturally) is disrupted by murder, jealousy and suspicion. You’ll forget whatever you’re supposed to be doing as soon as you click play!

A Murder is Announced, read by Emilia Fox

If you prefer your Christie’s led by the marvellous Miss Marple, we’d recommend tuning into A Murder is Announced read by British actress (and detective drama favourite) Emilia Fox. This unique mystery opens with a murderous announcement in the Chipping Cleghorn local newspaper, and will allow you to get to know a village bursting with secrets.

The Murder at the Vicarage, read by Richard E Grant

Christie fan, and recent presenter of ITV’s Agatha Christie documentary, Richard E Grant brings to life the first Miss Marple novel with charm and enthusiasm. Before the first hour is up, you’ll realise that quite a few people held a passionate dislike for Colonel Protheroe. But who killed him? You’ll have to listen through to the 7th hour to find that out!

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, read by Emilia Fox

Fancy discovering this thrilling standalone story before the new Hugh Laurie adaptation lands? We recommend listening to this lively tale read by Silent Witness actress Emilia Fox. Meet Bobbie Jones the vicar’s son, who is at the scene of a mystery man’s untimely death as he pronounces the eponymous question. Bobbie joins forces with socialite Lady Frankie to unravel this puzzling mystery.

Evil Under the Sun, read by David Suchet

If you’re a fan of the mustachioed Suchet, why not venture down to Devon with the actor to discover the goings-on at the Jolly Roger Hotel? Poirot is intending to take a bit of time off from solving mysteries, but when the famed actress Arlena Stuart is found dead, the little grey cells must be called upon to discover the truth. A diverting summer classic.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, read by Hugh Fraser

This renowned story is brought to life by actor Hugh Fraser, famous for playing the beloved Captain Hastings. Expect suspense, neighbourhood gossip, and a retired Poirot who is determined to master the art of growing vegetables in King’s Abbot. A masterful work, we think listening to the novel is a brilliant way to test your own skills of detection.

The Killings at Kingfisher Hill, written by Sophie Hannah and read by Julian Rhind-Tutt

Sophie Hannah’s latest Poirot continuation is an engaging mystery which takes place at the fancy Kingfisher Hill estate. Our Belgian Detective is joined once again by Inspector Catchpool, but the pair must go incognito (as board game fans) to solve this painful family conflict. Julian Rhind-Tutt’s narration is pacy and compelling, making the hours fly by as you listen.

Dive into a short story collection

Midsummer Mysteries, read by Fenella Woolgar

The latest UK short story collection has arrived, and these scandalous stories are packed full of sunshine, suspicions and double-dealings. With stories set in Cornwall, London, Egypt and France, there’s plenty of great listens for lounging around with at home,

Feeling in the mood for something spookier? Try The Last Séance, also read by Fenella Woolgar. Alternatively, if you prefer some winter wonders, we highly recommend listening to Midwinter Murder.

Explore a dramatisation

12 Radio Plays, Assorted Cast

This unique collection features 12 Christie stories which have been updated by the BBC. Set in the modern day, expect references to laptops and celebrity chefs, alongside plenty of Christie’s cunning plot twists. These stories are brought to life by a host of well-known stars, including Tom Hollander, Richard Griffiths, Alex Jennings, Rebecca Front and Adrian Dunbar.

Murder on the Orient Express, Assorted Cast (Audible Exclusive)

Climb on board the famous train with our narrator Art Malik, as we travel from Aleppo into a snowdrift with a host of different characters from around the world. Tom Conti voices Hercule Poirot, with Sophie Okonedo playing the part of Mary Debenham, and Eddie Marsan taking on the dislikeable Ratchett. The sound effects and full cast make this one feel more like being at a play, than a listener in your own home.

Discover a popular podcast

Inline Podcasts About Christie

Alongside purchasing audiobooks and stories there are plenty of free discussions of Agatha Christie’s life and works to be explored on podcasts. Here’s a few episodes we’d recommend to whet your appetite:

Shedunnit Show, The Many Afterlives of Hercule Poirot

Tune into this smart, sophisticated podcast which explores Golden Age crime fiction written by women, the history (and present) of the genre, and the themes it covers. With expert interviews, and a charming host, this is a great place to start if you’re new to podcasts, or just want to learn more about these brilliant writers. You can start right from the beginning, or dip into the series with this episode about Poirot with Dr Mark Aldridge. Listen now

Phoebe Reads A Mystery, The Secret Adversary

Phoebe Judge, writer and podcaster best-known for her true-crime podcast Criminal, has been delighting US listeners with her latest podcast Phoebe Reads A Mystery. Phoebe reads a classic crime story from start to finish, with a chapter covered in each episode. We recommend starting with The Secret Adversary, a Tommy and Tuppence adventure which lends itself to the podcast format nicely. Listen now

All About Agatha Podcast, A Hercule Poirot Amuse-Bouche: The Cornish Mystery

Take a more orderly approach to your Agatha Christie reading with help from the All About Agatha Podcast! For five years, super-fans Kemper Donovan and Catherine Brobeck read—and ranked!—every single one of Christie’s mystery novels, breaking them down by plot, character, setting, and more. Nor did they neglect the short stories, the screen adaptations, or the many nonfiction books out there analysing Christie’s work. They even interviewed contemporary mystery authors who count Christie as a major influence. Why not start with one of the ‘Amuse-Bouche’ episodes, which takes a look at an individual short story in closer detail? Listen now

Note from Kemper: For five years, my dear friend Catherine Brobeck and I engaged in the preposterously delightful exercise of ranking Agatha Christie’s 66 mystery novels according to pre-set criteria. It was our belief that imposing objective standards on an inherently subjective pursuit like reading is the sort of fruitless exercise that yields all sorts of fruitful observations—even revelations—and we treasured every minute of it. Tragically, Catherine passed away at the end of those five years, at which point we still had six books to go. I am eternally grateful to the friends Catherine and I made along the way, who helped me review those last six books, and finish what Catherine and I started. Friends like mystery author Sophie Hannah, creator of five new Poirot novels, and literary scholar Mark Aldridge, whose books have become indispensable to any serious student of Christie. It's an honor to feel that Catherine and I are a part of this close-knit community of Christie aficionados… a community that is always accepting new members! I hope you join us by tuning into the podcast, which I've continued on in Catherine’s absence—because where Christie is concerned, there's always something to talk about. Just search for “All About Agatha” wherever you listen to podcasts

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