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This year marks 100 years since Agatha Christie set off on her grand tour, so we’re focusing on what she saw, learned, and experienced in 1922. So much of what we know about Agatha's trip comes from the copious letters she sent home to her family. To commemorate Christie's birthday, 15th September, we are encouraging fans to send a letter to someone they love.

Download any of our four Christie postcards, and send them (digitally, or the old-fashioned way) to someone you know this month.

Alternatively, you may wish to write them to someone you admire, and keep them with you for inspiration.

Print your own postcards

  • Each postcard features a charming quote from the author herself, taken from accounts of her 1922 trip.
  • To get your copy of the postcards simply click the buttons below.
  • You can then open them in the digital programme of your choice, and type directly onto the design, and send via email.
  • To print them you will need to select 'Landscape' and 'Print on both sides of paper' with 'Flip on the short edge' on your printer settings. We printed them at A6 postcard size, so scissors also come in handy.
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Want to try your own creative writing exercise?

Write a letter to yourself in the future (or the past), as though you are setting off on a big adventure. Or, alternatively, write home with an account of an imaginary adventure you'd love to take.

Did you know?

The snake image on the reverse of the card is inspired by a prank Agatha Christie played on a fellow traveller in 1922.

We sent him a [postcard] yesterday with a picture of a Puff Adder on it, and an earnest warning purporting to come from the ‘Society of the Protection of Visitors’ and Bates has been busily looking them up in the Telephone Directory, and cannot understand why no one seems to know where their offices are!
Agatha Christie, Letter to her mother, 15th February 1922

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