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Marple Authors: A Reading List

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Explore the latest releases from the authors of the Marple collection

To celebrate Marple: Twelve New Mysteries, which can now be purchased in paperback in the UK, we explore the fresh adventures of Christie's beloved sleuth, and delve deeper into the twelve writers' own works more closely too. Stay tuned for more information on international publication dates.

Marple: Twelve New Stories

A second murderer strikes in St Mary Mead's local vicarage; during a wedding a mysterious guest fatally collapses; and a devious test of family loyalty ends with a victim of murder. Only Jane Marple, using her astute observations of human nature, can unravel the crimes committed.
Bringing their own unique voices to the legendary amateur sleuth, 12 of the best contemporary authors remind us why Miss Marple is a force to be reckoned with.

The Power, Naomi Alderman

All over the world girls are experiencing a powerful surge of electricity... From Lagos to London, in convents and behind closed doors, women are taking their revenge on the patriarchy. We follow a bold journalist, an ambitious US mayor, and plenty of girls who possess "the power" themselves, as global events unfold. This dystopian thriller is a pacy, subversive read which will have you on the edge of your sofa.

Ninth House, Leigh Bardugo

Alex Stern is the sole survivor of an unsolved multiple homicide. She is also the most unlikely Yale freshman and a free ticket to such a prestigious university surely comes with a catch. Alex is asked to keep a close eye on Yale's secret societies and soon discovers they are far more sinister than anyone dared imagine. When a girl is murdered on campus and the police give rather unsatisfactory answers, Alex is the first to suspect something far more ominous. After all, she has seen the forbidden magic conjured by the secret society members.

When No One is Watching, Alyssa Cole

Sydney thought she'd find returning to her Brooklyn neighbourhood comforting after her divorce, but she hadn't anticipated how much had changed. Gentrification in Gifford Place is rife, and her new neighbours look down on her. On a whim, Sydney attends a walking tour of her area, but it doesn't reflect the vibrant black community she knows and loves, and vows to come up with her own, with help from an unlikely assistant - her new neighbour Theo. Their research is interrupted by an eerie discovery, that the locals might not be simply relocating after all... Told from two unique perspectives, be prepared for a hair-raising tour of the borough of Brooklyn.

The Paris Apartment, Lucy Foley

Everyone loves Ben, as his half-sister is all too aware. But when Jess arrives in the eponymous building, he is nowhere to be found. She needed to get out of England, and admittedly he didn't sound too keen on her visit on the phone... But to not even be here to greet her? Plus, she received a weird voicemail from him just before she arrived. Determined to track him down, Jess will need to get to know his assorted (and eccentric) neighbours. This proves more difficult, and dangerous, than she ever expected. Lucy Foley's third thriller is told from multiple perspectives, encouraging readers to piece together the facts about Ben's disappearance.

The Locked Room, Elly Griffiths

The latest in the Dr Ruth Galloway series, The Locked Room sees Ruth returning to Norfolk after discovering a photograph of her mother's old cottage with an unusual inscription. As COVID-19 descends on the country, Ruth and her daughter find themselves cut off from everyone except for their one neighbour, Zoe. But when Nelson breaks isolation rules to discuss a series of murders with Ruth, something about Zoe makes him feel very uneasy.

Stone Blind, Natalie Haynes

Gods, gorgons, nymphs and demigods aren't exempt from the tragedies of life... This epic narrative follows Medusa's story, from her unusual upbringing with sisters Euryale and Sthenno to her tragic meeting of Poseidon which resulted in her cursed powers. Natalie Haynes brings her wit, and expertise to this classic from mythology, and poses plenty of questions about the nature of heroes, and of monsters.

Searching for Sylvie Lee, Jean Kwok

Sylvie, the eldest daughter in the Lee family, travels back to The Netherlands to visit her dying grandmother one last time - but then she disappears. Her younger sister Amy is determined to discover what has happened so starts retracing Sylvie's steps, starting with her last known location. But as Amy searches for clues as to her sister's whereabouts, she isn't presented with simple answers but faced with painful family secrets.

1989, Val McDermid

Set a decade after the first in the series, 1989 sees the return of Allie Burns. Whilst she is no longer an investigative journalist she is still covering some of the most important stories in the world. Allie has plenty of news features to keep her occupied but when she stumbles upon a story about the exploitation of those suffering with HIV/AIDS, a fiery determination takes over to give a voice to those who have been silenced. The reality is far more alarming than she realised but is she willing to risk her freedom and life to unearth the truth?

Nothing More to Tell, Karen M. McManus

When Brynn Gallagher's parents announce that the family are moving back to Sturgis, she is not happy about it. Although, an internship at Motive, a true-crime show, makes the move slightly more palatable. Hopeful for a career in journalism, Brynn is keen to explore the dark past of a murdered local teacher to gain attention among her new colleagues, but how will her ruthless focus on the crime go down with her former friends? A triumph from YA mystery writer Karen M. McManus.

Say Her Name, Dreda Say Mitchell & Ryan Carter

The death of Eva's Mummy Cherry has left her weary with grief, trauma and unanswered questions. Eva's husband Joe supports her decision to find her birth mother, but knows her adoptive father Sugar won't like it one bit. Sugar, a former police-officer, is consumed by his own battles though, and he is determined not to let anyone in. Can the ghosts of the past ruin the present? Eva's determination to find out more about her blood relatives might do just that. A chillingly clever story from the authors of Spare Room.

Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries, Kate Mosse

This book is a celebration of nearly 1000 unheard and under-heard women from throughout history. Divided into ten sections spanning categories of women's achievements from science and medicine to authors and campaigners, Kate Mosse tells the diverse and inspiring stories that should be better known. Also included are deeply personal passages written by Kate as she tries to uncover the story of her great-grandmother, a successful novelist of whom no records remain.

The It Girl, Ruth Ware

A decade has passed since Hannah discovered the body of ultimate It girl, April. With the man convicted of her murder having recently died in prison, the past is finally behind her. That is until new evidence emerges suggesting that he might have been innocent. Now Hannah must delve back into the mysterious death of April and reconnect with old friends to discover the truth, even if it means questioning everything and everyone she thought she knew.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new Marple collection, as well as the incredible works of the authors who have brought her to life once more.

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