Miss Marple: Colouring Sheets

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Based on original artwork by Bill Bragg.
The creative urge can come out in any form: in embroidery, in the cooking of interesting dishes, in painting, drawing and sculpture, in composing music, as well as in writing books and stories.
Agatha Christie

If you're looking for a relaxing, creative activity to settle down with this summer, look no further. We've got 14 colouring sheets to choose from, based on Bill Bragg's new cover designs for the Miss Marple collection from HarperCollins UK.

Landscape Colouring Examples
There are 14 designs to download, which one will you choose first?

There are no rules on how you choose to colour these designs - use paint, crayons, pencils or felt tips, or even give digital colouring a try! You could keep your designs as they are, or print them on card to frame and to brighten up your home. To get started, simply click the button at the bottom of this page to download your sheets.

We would love to see your creativity, so please do tag us on social media, using #Marple!

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