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Spooky Stories

3rd October 2018

A spooky, supernatual reading list for Agatha Christie fans

Features Thumbnail Scary Reads
3rd October 2018

Spooky Stories

A spooky, supernatual reading list for Agatha Christie fans

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Features Thumbnail Houndofdeath
27th September 2018

Agatha Christie: Horror Writer?

An exploration or Agatha Christie's horror, and supernatural-themed stories

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Features Thumbnail Marple
25th September 2018

Facts About Miss Marple

Essential facts about Agatha Christie's Miss Marple

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Features Thumbnail Sidekciks
14th September 2018

Hercule Poirot's Sidekicks

A guide to Hercule Poirot's top sidekicks

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Features Thumbnail Psychic Sign
12th September 2018

Sophie Hannah on Sidekicks

Sophie Hannah talks about the importance of Poirot's sidekicks

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Features Thumbnail Bftl
24th August 2018

Bodies from the Library: A Q&A with the editor

Discover more about the new anthology of forgotten tales

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Features Thumbnail 8 Poirot Quotes
2nd August 2018

Quotes from Hercule Poirot

Discover more about the famous Belgian detective, in the character's own words

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Features Thumbnail Holiday Reading
20th July 2018

8 books to take on holiday

Discover the best crime novels to pack in your suitcase this summer

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Features Christies Female Characters News Thumbnail
2nd March 2018

A selection of Christie’s celebrated women

Ahead of International Women’s Day we’ve handpicked a selection of Agatha Christie’s female characters.

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