At Bertram's Hotel

  • Miss Marple
  • Novel
  • 1965

An old-fashioned London Hotel is not quite as reputable as it makes out… When Miss Marple comes up from the country for a holiday in London, she finds what she’s looking for at Bertram’s Hotel: traditional decor, impeccable service and an unmistakable atmosphere of danger behind the highly polished veneer. Yet, not even Miss Marple can foresee the violent chain of events set in motion when an eccentric guest makes his way to the airport on the wrong day…

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I was born to live dangerously.

Bess Sedgwick, At Bertram's Hotel

More about this story

One of Miss Marple’s few outings from St Mary Mead, this time she’s holidaying in London, when a certain eccentric guest sets off a violent chain of events.

The story was adapted for TV starring Joan Hickson in 1987. BBC Radio 4 dramatised the story in 2004 and it was adapted again for TV in 2007, this time featuring Geraldine McEwan as the elderly sleuth, and included substantial changes from the novel.

Did you know?

  1. Bertram’s, the fictional hotel featured in the story, is thought to have been inspired by Brown’s Hotel in London, a favourite haunt of Agatha Christie, but could also have been based on the Mayfair Hotel, Fleming’s.

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