Personal Call - Play


First published: 2017


Personal Call - Play

Personal Call - Play

Pam Brent grows concerned when her husband recieves a mysterious phone call which leaves him disturbed and anxious.

Fay. Come back – or never gone away. Just waiting there, where she died. Waiting for you to come.

Pam Brent

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James Brent receives a chilling telephone call seemingly from beyond the grave. His dead wife, Fay, is waiting for him at the very place she met her grisly end. At his new wife’s insistence, they go to meet her as requested and in the process discover a terrifying and disturbing truth.

Written after a return from the Mallowans' annual archaeological trip, Agatha Christie was praised by the producer as having included all modern radio techniques in her new play. It is the story of a man plagued by his past, who keeps receiving mysterious phone calls from a lady called Fay. The plot has echoes of many of Christie's darker supernatural works, including Endless Night and the short story Philomel Cottage. It also reintroduces the character of Inspector Narracott, who featured in The Sittaford Mystery.

It was produced for the BBC Radio Light Programme in 1954, and again in 1960. The recordings were thought lost for half a century, until they were unearthed from the BBC Archives in 2015 when they were restored, remastered and released.

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