The Edge

Short Story

First published: 1997


The Edge

Parish worker Claire takes everything in her stride so when the man she loves marries Vivien, a glamorous city girl who is having an affair, Claire must challenge her sense of duty... From While the Light Lasts and The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories.

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Claire Halliwell lives a quiet country life with her dogs. A conscientious and popular parish worker, she takes everything in her stride even when Sir Gerald Lee, the man she loves, marries Vivien a glamorous city girl. When Claire learns that Vivien is having an affair, her sense of duty to Gerald is stretched to the limit.

If you know a bit about Agatha Christie’s life there are some obvious conclusions to be drawn from this story. It was written in 1926 and first published in 1927 in Pearson’s Magazine. It appeared in book form in 1997 in While the Light Lasts (UK) and The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories (US).

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