The House at Shiraz

Short Story

First published: 1934

A Parker Pyne story


The House at Shiraz

The House at Shiraz

Parker Pyne hears of a mysterious woman, living alone in a house in Shiraz, refusing to see anyone from England and insisting she is a native. From Parker Pyne Investigates.

More about this story

On tour in Persia, Parker Pyne is approached on a personal matter by Herr Schlagel. The young German pilot has become romantically involved with an Englishwoman, Lady Esther Carr. However, Lady Carr has become an eccentric recluse; what tragic event could have led her to this?

This imaginative and psychologically penetrating tale draws on Christie’s own experience of time spent in the Middle East with her husband Max Mallowan. It is set in the house that Agatha and Max saw when they visited Shiraz.

This story first appeared in the UK in Nash’s Pall Mall Magazine, and was later included in the 1934 collection Parker Pyne Investigates.

It has never been adapted.

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