The House of Lurking Death

Short Story

First published: 1929

Tommy & Tuppence


The House of Lurking Death

Young Lois Hargreaves, has recently inherited a fortune. When she receives a box of poisoned chocolates she calls on Tommy and Tuppence to help her. As it turns out, it’s not the chocolates that are deadly... From Partners in Crime.

More about this story

A wealthy young woman receives a box of poisoned chocolates and approaches Tommy and Tuppence to take on her case. Could it really have been someone in her own house?

For this case the Beresfords adopt the methods of Inspector Gabriel Hanaud, the great detective of the French Surete. Hanaud, who first appeared in a book in 1910, is the creation of Alfred Edward Woodley Mason (1865-1948). Hanaud’s style tends toward straightforward police detection. Tuppence’s role is to be his sidekick. In Mason’s novels the sidekick is Ricardo who is characteristically left in the dark until the last moment as to the solution of a case.

This story was published by Collins in the collection Partners in Crime, 1929. It was adapted for radio in 1953, starring Richard Attenborough and Sheila Sim. It also featured in the 1983 TV series Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime, with Francesca Annis and James Warwick.

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