The Mystery of Three Quarters


First published: 2018

A Hercule Poirot story


The Mystery of Three Quarters

The Mystery of Three Quarters

Returning home after lunch one day, Hercule Poirot finds an angry woman waiting outside his front door. She demands to know why Poirot has sent her a letter accusing her of the murder of Barnabas Pandy, a man she has neither heard of nor ever met. 

Poirot has also never heard of a Barnabas Pandy, and has accused nobody of murder. Shaken, he goes inside, only to find that he has a visitor waiting for him – a man who claims to have received a letter from Poirot that morning, accusing him of the murder of the same Barnabas Pandy.

How many more letters of this sort have been sent?
Who sent them, and why?
More importantly, who is Barnabas Pandy? Is he dead, and, if so, was he murdered?
Can Poirot find out the answers without putting more lives in danger?

To Hercule Poirot, there is nothing frivolous about murder


More about this story

The next Hercule Poirot novel written by Sophie Hannah, The Mystery of Three Quarters follows the success of The Monogram Murders and Closed Casket. It is published in the UK on 23rd August 2018. It is published in the US on 28th August 2018.

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