The Road of Dreams

  • Poetry
  • 1925

Agatha Christie' first collection of poems. Only one edition was published.

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A rare edition of Agatha Christie's poems, the volume was published at her own expense in 1925. While not often considered a First World War poet, she addresses the War in several of these poems.

The Road of Dreams is divided into four parts. The first 'A Masque from Italy', collects ten poems created around the theme of the Commedia dell'arte, showing her affection for Harlequin, who would later inspire Mr Harley Quin. 'Ballads' is composed of seven poems/ballads containing romantic stories of knights, ladies and death in childbirth. 'Dream and Fantasies' is another seven poems which look at dreams and nightmares. And finally 'Other Poems' collects the last few, all on various subjects.

Eden Philpotts, the first professional writer to view Agatha Christie's works, praised her "great lyric gifts" but warned her that it wouldn't sell. In this instant he was proved right, as this particular collection is one of the least known in her prolific list of works. All the poems from this volume were later collected in Poems, 1973.

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