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The world's best-selling novelist

Writer, Traveller, Playwright, Wife, Mother, Surfer

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Hear and see what others, including her grandson (right) and even Christie herself, have to say about her life, writing and more.

Christie's Life

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So just who was Agatha Christie and how did she become the world’s most successful novelist?

Christie's Life

How she Wrote


“I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays and have things arranged for them that they seem so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas.”

How She Wrote

Books about Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie: A Biography

Using family papers and other protected material, Janet Morgan sheds light on Agatha Christie's life, work and relationships.

Come, Tell Me How You Live

Agatha Christie's memoirs about her travels to Syria and Iraq in the 1930s with her archaeologist husband Max Mallowan. Agatha Christie was already well known as a crime writer when she accompanied her husband, Max Mallowan, to Syria and Iraq in the 1930s.

She took enormous interest in all his excavations, and when friends asked what her strange life was like, she decided to answer their questions in this delightful book. First published in 1946, Come, Tell Me How You Live is now reissued in trade paperback format. It gives a charming picture of Agatha Christie herself, and is, as Jacquetta Hawkes concludes in her Introduction, 'a pure pleasure to read'.

Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks

Following the death of Agatha's daughter, Rosalind, at the end of 2004, a remarkable secret was revealed. Unearthed among her affairs at the family home of Greenway were Agatha Christie's private notebooks, 73 handwritten volumes of notes, lists and drafts outlining all her plans for her many books, plays and stories.

What is the 'deleted scene' in her first book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles? Which books were designed to have completely different endings, and what were they? This remarkable new book includes a wealth of extracts and pages reproduced directly from the notebooks and her letters, plus for the first time two newly discovered complete Hercule Poirot short stories never before published.

Agatha Christie: An English Mystery

A passionate and accomplished writer, Laura Thompson has turned her highly acclaimed biographical skills to Agatha Christie, arguably the greatest crime writer in the world.

Thompson describes the Edwardian world in which Christie grew up; explores the relationships she had, including those with her two husbands and daughter; and investigates the mysteries still surrounding Christie's life, including her disappearance in 1926. For the first time, Christie’s six Mary Westmacott romance novels, written under a pseudonym and highly revelatory about her hidden inner life, are fully studied in a biography.

Agatha Christie is a mystery and writing about her is a detection job in itself. But, with access to all of Christie's letters, papers, and writing notebooks, as well as interviews with her grandson, daughter, son-in-law, and their living relations, Thompson is able to unravel not only the detailed workings of Christies detective fiction, but the truth behind her private life as well.