100 Years of The Murder on the Links

2023 marks 100 years since the publication of The Murder on the Links. This is first Poirot novel which sees the retired detective travelling outside of England to solve a crime. The book contains plenty of clever themes which would become staples in Christie's work, from the late arrival of the investigator, to the conflict between clues and the little grey cells, as well as the difficulties posed by working with opposing officials, and Hastings' easily distracted nature. This year we'll be revisiting this novel, alongside other early Poirot stories, and also taking a closer look at his cases which feature travel, at home and abroad.

100 Years of The Murder on the Links

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The Murder on the Links, 1923

Narrated by Captain Hastings, the novel begins with a chance encounter on a train. No sooner has Hastings returned from France, he is facing an about-turn, as Hercule Poirot receives a summons to help a fearful businessman named Monsieur Renaud in Merlinville-sur-Mer. The pair set off quickly, but arrive too late at the Villa Geneviève. The police have already arrived, the master of the house is dead, and his wife has been a victim of a shocking crime too. Expect conflict, curious circumstances, and a strong showing for the little grey cells.

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I have heard of you from several quarters, and all reports go to show that you are not only a man of decided ability, but one who also knows how to be discreet.

P. T. Renauld to Hercule Poirot, The Murder on the Links

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