Marwan Kenzari

Marwan Kenzari plays Pierre Michel, the train conductor onboard the Orient Express. He rightfully describes his character “an important piece of this chain of extraordinary events, because he has access to all of the compartments and that makes him a valuable commodity."

Kenzari is an award-winning actor that has received critical acclaim for his powerful performance in the Dutch crime drama Wolf, for which he won the Golden Calf for Best Actor at the Netherlands Film Festival. Kenzari was selected as a Shooting Star at the 2014 International Film Festival Berlin, while Variety introduced him as an 'International Talent to Watch' that same year. The Hollywood Reporter also acknowledged him as one of 15 'International Break Out Talents of 2016.'

Kenzari graduated from the prestigious Theatre Academy Maastricht and made his screen debut in Maite Was Here. He can be seen opposite Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe in What Happened to Monday, with Christian Bale in The Promise, and in The Mummy opposite Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.

Asked why he thought Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express was a timeless story, he said:

I think because it's such a well constructed whodunnit. Like going through a highly complex labyrinth Poirot has to challenge his own detective skills as never before to be able to solve the crime. A beautiful iconic train, a dozen of eccentric characters and witty dialogues create the perfect environment for a timeless story.
Marwan Kenzari
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