Yellow Iris - Play


First published: 2017

A Hercule Poirot story


Yellow Iris - Play

A short radio play for live performance, featuring Hercule Poirot.

A little question, if it is not indiscreet. On all the other tables there are tulips – pink tulips. Why on that one table have you yellow irises?

Hercule Poirot

More about this story

A distressed phone call from a mystery woman brings Hercule Poirot to the hotel Jardin des Cygnes, where a man commemorates the four-year anniversary of his wife’s sudden death – a death under very suspicious circumstances that Poirot himself witnessed. Gathered is everyone present on that fateful night and now Poirot must find a killer in the midst, before they strike again.

Yellow Iris marked Hercule Poirot's debut appearance on radio and Christie later used the central idea and setting for her 1945 full-length novel Sparkling Cyanide.

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