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Not only did Agatha Christie write fascinating books, stage plays and poetry, but she also successfully tried her hand at radio plays. Her first radio play, Yellow Iris, was an adaptation of the short story under the same name that appeared in The Regatta Mystery. To commemorate the 80th birthday of Queen Mary in 1947, Christie wrote a radio play titled Three Blind Mice. Most of Agatha Christie’s novels have also been adapted into audiobooks.

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Square A Cand The Dandelion Poisoner

Agatha Christie and The Dandelion Poisoner

Listen up. Joe Nocera presents Agatha Christie and the Dandelion Poisoner. An intriguing examination into an 100 year-old mystery, and how it inspired the Queen of Crime. Featuring interviews with David Suchet, James Prichard and Lucy Worsley. It is packed full of fascinating insight into Christie's writing, some of her inspirations, her personal life, and much more. Available now on Audible.

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Jacket Murder Is Easy Audio

Murder is Easy

Actress Gemma Whelan reads Murder is Easy in this unabridged audiobook recording, released in 2020. Listen to the full story before you watch the upcoming adaptation.

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Square All About Agatha Logo

All About Agatha

All About Agatha is an audio podcast dedicated, naturally enough, to all things Agatha Christie! For five years, Christie super-fans Catherine Brobeck and Kemper Donovan revisited Christie's novels in publication order, ranking them according to pre-set criteria (plot, character, setting, etc.). Tragically, Catherine Brobeck passed away at the end of 2021. Since then, Kemper has completed the podcast's ranking project, and now contents himself with interviewing like-minded obsessives (including contemporary mystery authors who count Christie as an influence), dissecting new adaptations, and just generally trying to solve the age-old mystery of why Christie—and Christie alone—endures as powerfully as she does. He's even turned his own hand to mystery writing, with his debut mystery novel, The Busy Body, due out in 2024—very much inspired by Agatha Christie, but of course!

Murder in Paradise

Square Murder In Paradise Audio

13 mysteries from the travels of Poirot

Escape from your daily life, and broaden your horizons with this audio collection of murder mysteries by Agatha Christie, read by David Suchet, television’s iconic Poirot for more than two decades. Train journeys through rolling countryside and cruises across the open ocean might sound exotic, but when murder strikes mid-journey, they’re anything but.

Death on the Nile

Jacket DOTN Tie In

A recording from Kenneth Branagh

In this famous Agatha Christie mystery, Hercule Poirot’s Egyptian adventure aboard a glamorous river steamer descends into a terrifying search for a murderer, with enough twists and turns to keep you unsettled and guessing until the final, shocking discovery.

Murder on the Orient Express

Motoe Audio Kenneth Branagh Product

The classic novel read by Kenneth Branagh

Agatha Christie's famous murder mystery, recorded by the director and star of the 2017 film adaptation, Kenneth Branagh.

The Complete Short Stories


Hercule Poirot: The Short Story Collection

Read by David Suchet and Hugh Fraser, these short stories provide a feast for hardened Agatha Christie addicts as well as those who have grown to love the detective through his many film and television appearances.

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Thumbnail Marple Audiobook

Marple: Discover the Audiobook

Listen to 12 excerpts from the Marple collection, an audiobook voiced by 12 renowned readers and actors

Thumbnail Gemma Whelan Reads

An Interview with Gemma Whelan

Go behind the scenes of the HarperCollins recording of Murder is Easy with actress Gemma Whelan

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Inline Garden Tenerife

The Other Detectives: Quin and Satterthwaite

Christie fans, All About Agatha, explore the characters of Harley Quin and Mr Satterthwaite

Did you know?

  1. In 1950 Agatha Christie published Three Blind Mice as a short story, before using it as the basis for the well-known stage play, The Mousetrap.

  2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was one of the first ever talking books for the blind.

  3. Murder in the Mews has previously gone unnoticed as it had been mislabelled as Murder in the Men’s.

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