Charles Dance

Once possessed of a brilliant legal mind, Justice Wargrave became notorious as a merciless ‘hanging judge’ – but is now a diminished figure: profoundly frail and battling against a crumbling memory. However, there is one sentence he has never forgotten.

It doesn’t come to its conclusion until right at the very end. Christie keeps you guessing until the last possible moment.
Charles Dance

Talking about And Then There Were None, Charles Dance recognises that: "Often in these crime genres, you find somewhere along the line there’s some character that is just a bit too two dimensional and not believable, but with this group they’ve got such interesting back stories that are all utterly believable, so the whole thing is really rather beautifully rounded."

Charles talks about his character Judge Wargrave: "There’s a mystery to all of the characters when they arrive, but even more so in the case of Wargrave. You never know whether what he’s saying is true or not, all the way through the piece. On the bench he had acquired a reputation for levelling the most severe of penalties to people that appeared before him. He was not a merciful judge."

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