Andrea Riseborough

Andrea Riseborough’s most recent credits include Netflix’s critically acclaimed drama series Bloodline and Channel 4’s miniseries National Treasure. She is perhaps best known for portraying Laura Aulburn in Birdman, which won four Academy Awards including Best Picture.

Andrea Riseborough takes on the role of Romaine Heilger, a child of the First World War who emerges from the depths of the European bloodbath as an ingenious survivor who is afraid of nothing. At heart a loner, this Austrian singer’s enigmatic allure commands attention wherever she roams; Romaine is destined to enter the limelight sooner or later. Riseborough talks about the darkness of Sarah Phelps’ script saying, “Sarah examines the sense of hopelessness that these characters would have felt, they saw things that they could never un-see and through her scripts, Sarah expertly reminds us about the fragility of it all.”

Talking about her familiarity with Agatha Christie she said,

We all grew up aware of Agatha Christie; there is no writer more prolific than her in England.
Andrea Riseborough

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