Billy Howle

Billy Howle is perhaps best known for playing the role of James in the eight-part crime drama Glue which broadcast in late 2014 on E4 in the UK. Talking about crime dramas in an interview with Channel 4, Billy said, “I love a good murder mystery. It has been imbued in me since I was a kid as my Gran always used to watch Poirot. I love it.”

When asked why he thinks Agatha Christie remains so popular to this day, Billy explains,

She documented such a wide scope of time and strata of society. In some way, you’ll be able to relate to one or more of the characters.
Billy Howle

Billy plays Leonard Vole in The Witness for the Prosecution. Haunted by his time at the front, Leonard Vole has been spat out of the war restless, disillusioned and incapable of settling on a job. A friendless innocent in a corrupt world, the odds stacked against him, Leonard is accused of a brutal murder and only one person can save him from the noose. Howle describes his character as having “an air of desperation about Leonard, desperation and need, needing or wanting, a kind of hunger that hasn’t been sated yet.”

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