Monica Dolan

Monica Dolan has been acting on stage, TV and film since 1993. Her recent TV credits include playing Tracey Pritchard in W1A, Tess Wall in Sarah Phelps’ adaptation of The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and portraying Alice More in Wolf Hall. Monica's debut in an Agatha Christie adaptation was as Miss Gilchrist in After the Funeral in 2005. Speaking about Agatha Christie’s continued popularity she says, “The magic of Agatha Christie and her plots is that you’re always being led in different directions and you keep thinking that you’ve got the case cracked and then it’s a wonderful feeling when it turns and it’s somebody else."

In The Witness for the Prosecution Monica Dolan plays Emily French’s loyal housekeeper Janet McIntyre. Devoted to the point of possessive, Janet has an uncanny ability to pre-empt her mistress’s practical as well as emotional needs, suggesting a bond that surpasses a platonic master-servant relationship. However, Janet’s carefully controlled universe is challenged with the arrival of Leonard Vole...

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