Mahjong Crimes' Murder on the Orient Express

Unravel the mystery behind Agatha Christie’s renowned Murder on the Orient Express


One of the greatest detectives of all time has just climbed aboard the world’s most famous train. The weather outside is frightful and there’s a mysterious air about the compartments where passengers look like they’ve got a secret they’re desperate to hide. Could this be the perfect night for a murder?

It certainly is in Mahjong Crimes, a thrilling mystery and puzzle game for mobile devices that’s perfect for globetrotting private eyes of all ages. Hercule Poirot, one of literature’s most brilliant detectives, is about to begin his most challenging case. Based on Murder on the Orient Express, Mahjong Crimes gives gamers and mystery fans alike the opportunity to experience this classic tale firsthand!

Alongside Poirot, players will find themselves in a breathless race against time as they fight to solve the crime of the century while they put their Mahjong skills to the ultimate test. 250 fiendishly clever levels will keep them glued to their mobile devices as they connect Mahjong tiles to reveal clues and unravel a conspiracy that could forever change the lives of everyone on board the Orient Express.

Mahjong has been challenging fans around the world for centuries but this creative version gives it a whole new spin. Players will unleash their inner detectives as they match tiles, search for hidden clues, and pursue suspects. Regularly updated with new levels and gorgeous collectible tile sets, Mahjong Crimes will keep anyone who plays it on the edge of their seats!

Download Mahjong Crimes for free from the iOS App Store or from the Google Play store:

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