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On Thursday 21st May at 4pm GMT a group of newspaper boys dressed in 1920s clothing will be at London’s busiest commuter tube stations, handing out specially made newspapers that feature two chapters of the latest Poirot novel.

The paperboys will be cleverly made up with grey and black costume make up to make it seem as though they are being viewed in greyscale. A striking sight amongst London’s colourful and busy commuters, the paperboys will visually stand out and will suddenly transport tube stations back to another era.

The newspaper itself has been ingeniously crafted to resemble an original 1920s newspaper, containing original adverts from the likes of TFL and Unilever alongside cryptic crosswords and puzzles. The limited edition newspaper will be distributed from Oxford Circus, King's Cross, Euston, London Brige and Liverpool Street Station on Thursday 21s May from 16:30-19:00.

The Monogram Murders by internationally bestselling author Sophie Hannah features Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Published by Harper Collins, the story sees Poirot plunge into a mystery set in 1920s London – a diabolically clever puzzle that can only be solved by his ‘little grey cells”.

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