And Then There Were None and Christie Adaptation Links


Discover the links between the latest adaptation of And Then There Were None and other TV and film adaptations of Agatha Christie's works.

Charles Dance, who plays Justice Lawrence Wargrave in And Then There Were None, appeared in the 2006 Marple episode By the Pricking of my Thumbs as Septimus Bligh.

Toby Stephens, who plays Dr Edward Armstrong in And Then There Were None, appeared in the 2003 Poirot episode of Five Little Pigs as Philip Blake.

Toby Stephens also appeared in the 2010 Marple episode of The Blue Geranium as George Pritchard.

Executive producers Damien Timmer, Mathew Prichard, Hilary Strong and Karen Thrussell were all Emmy-nominated for producing the TV movie Curtain: Poirot's Last Case (2013).

Burn Gorman who plays William Blore in And Then There Were None appeared in the 2007 Marple episode Ordeal by Innocence as Jacko Argyle.

The below stairs and kitchen scenes were shot in Hertfordshire at Wrotham Park. The Poirot episodes Third Girl and The Adventures of Johnnie Waverly were filmed in part there too.

Stunt coordinator Nick Gillard worked on the stunts, both as stunt arranger and a stuntman, for the Poirot episodes The Kidnapped Prime Minister, The Lost mine, The Dream, The Incredible Theft and The Third Floor Flat.

Toby Stephens is the son of Dame Maggie Smith who appeared in the Peter Ustinov movies Death on the Nile (1978) as Miss Bowers and Evil Under the Sun (1982) as Daphne Castle.

Costume supervisor Viveene Campbell worked on the costumes for the Poirot episode The Big Four (2013).

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