The Witness for the Prosecution score up for an Ivor Award


Paul Englishby’s fantastic score for Agatha Christie’s The Witness for the Prosecution has been nominated for the Best Television Soundtrack Ivor Novello Award. The award recognises outstanding composition for a television programme, focusing on how well the music enhances the visual content of the programme. The Witness for the Prosecution soundtrack is up against Dominik Scherrer’s soundtrack for The Collection and Martin Phipps’ soundtrack for War and Peace.

At the centre of Sarah Phelps’ adaptation of Agatha Christie’s short story is the song, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, which is sung by Romaine and works as John Mayhew’s siren song, haunting him throughout the entire story. Englishby took Phelps’ lead and developed the score around the song, weaving it into the storyline. In an interview, he described the ending of The Witness for the Prosecution as his favourite moment in the adaptation, describing the ending as “the culmination of all the music; Romaine’s song has turned into its own melody, so it’s being turned around upside down, inside out, and comes out as this big new theme.”

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