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Bestsellers: Agatha Christie Around the World

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The global Agatha Christie fanbase delights in stories of adventure, intrigue, and mystery. We wanted to celebrate some of the titles that sell best* around the world, and share fan favourites to help inspire your 2019 reading. These book recommendations are based on top 10 bestsellers lists from around the world, but are by no means the only topselling titles by the Queen of Crime. That list would be rather longer…

The ABC Murders, Indonesia (Published by P T Gramedia)
An innovative read, this book features a serial killer, long before the term even existed. As Poirot receives taunting letters in the post, a murderer is slowly picking off their victims. The only clue? The ABC travel guide left at each crime scene. From Andover to Bexhill-on-Sea, can Poirot catch the criminal in Churston? This book is the star of a forthcoming adaptation, with John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot and Rupert Grint playing Inspector Crome.

A Caribbean Mystery, Germany (Published by Hoffmann & Campe)
An unfinished story sparks Miss Marple’s imagination, as an elderly hotel guest drops dead at a St Honoré hotel. Inspired by the author’s own trip to Barbados, this is Miss Marple’s only case abroad. Despite the evident luxury of her surroundings, Jane is dismayed by the lack of goings-on on the Island, ruminating on her age and changing times. That is, until the sudden death provides a distraction.

The Mysterious Mr Quin, Brazil (Published by L & PM)
A short story collection unlike any other, we join Mr Satterthwaite on New Year’s Eve, as he meets Mr Harley Quin for the very first time. Instrumental in helping the persistent observer Mr Satterthwaite solve a mystery, Mr Quin continues to crop up in the least expected places. From country pub firesides, to Soho restaurants, the two prove that a puzzle can be solved with intelligent conversation.

Cards on the Table, France (Published by Le Livre de Poche)
The crème de la crème of sleuths are brought together for a game of cards. So how does the host end up murdered? Mr Shaitana’s parties are legendary, but so is his love of dangerous company, and untoward alliances. Agatha Christie’s foreword warns readers that it is psychology, not a knowledge of poison, that will solve this crime. Well, with Hercule Poirot, Superintendent Battle, Ariadne Oliver and Colonel Race in attendance, they’ll catch the killer in minutes! Won’t they?

The Mystery of the Blue Train, Russia (Published by Eksmo)
Riches, a robbery, and a trip to the Rivieria: this book has it all. An American millionaire’s daughter, Ruth, is bound for France, escaping a loveless marriage to visit an old flame. She becomes acquainted with recent heiress, Katherine, and shares details of the love triangle. By the time the train has reached Nice, Ruth is dead and Katherine is a key witness. Retired detective Poirot has been asked to take on the case, but can he find the culprit of the murder, and the theft?

A Pocket Full of Rye, Japan (Published by Hayakawa)
When wealthy investor Rex Fortescue is murdered, the suspect list is numerous. His estranged son Lance, slighted children Percival & Elaine, as well as his second wife Adele all come under suspicion. When housemaid Gladys (a former maid of Miss Marple) is embroiled in the tragedy, Jane Marple must step in to make sure justice is served. This Miss Marple mystery takes its name from the nursery rhyme “Sing a song of sixpence”.

And Then There Were None, Czech Republic (Published by Euromedia)
Billed as Christie's most baffling mystery, this book is one of a kind. Ten strangers with seemingly little in common arrive on a Devon island. They've been invited by a Mr Owen. Each and every guest has a guilty secret, but who is trying to uncover the truth? And why? The death of guest Tony Marston arouses suspicion, but it is the deaths which follow which will induce a paranoid hysteria in the survivors. The world's bestselling crime novel ever is a perfect read for new and classic Christie fans alike.

The Body in the Library, Italy (Published by Mondadori)
The body, discovered in the library of the respectable Colonel and Mrs Bantry, is that of a young woman. But how did it get there? And who is it? Mrs Bantry calls in her ever-helpful friend Miss Marple to help local police crack this puzzling case. Discovering that the victim is 18-year-old Ruby Keene, with a strange new relationship to the rich, tragic Mr Jefferson, Jane eyes Jefferson’s family closely for suspects. The death of another young woman could bring this line of questioning to a halt. Unless, of course, it is a red herring?

Murder on the Orient Express, United Kingdom (Published by HarperCollins UK)
It’s no surprise that Murder on the Orient Express continues to dazzle readers, following the recent blockbuster starring Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot. Based on real life happenings from the news and from Christie’s own adventures, this classic crime novel blends fact and fantasy with unforgettable results. Poirot’s holidays never go to plan, and this trip is no different. The opulent surroundings won’t prevent him from finding the killer though.

Endless Night, USA (Published by HarperCollins US)
Charming protagonist Michael Rogers meets the girl of his dreams, a wealthy American heiress who can catapult him into a new world. The couple will not heed local warnings though, purchasing a plot of land called Gipsy's Acre, which has been cursed. What starts out as a fairy tale romance becomes a much darker tale indeed. One of Christie's personal favourites, we weren't surprised to find this on the USA's bestsellers list.

We hope these bestselling titles inspire you to explore one of the world’s favourite Agatha Christie stories. You can share your favourite stories with us too. We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

*All of these titles featured in the listed country’s top 10 bestselling titles in 2017/2018.

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