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To celebrate 100 years since Agatha Christie set off on her grandest adventure yet, a ten-month tour around the world, we've joined forces with luxury travel company Black Tomato to help readers follow in the author's footsteps.

In January 1922 Agatha set off from Southampton Harbour in the UK, travelling to Madeira, on to South Africa and Australia, on to New Zealand, and finishing up in North America. She learned to surf, photographed stunning natural environments, sampled global cuisines and cultures, and embracing the adventure of travel in three continents.

This was her journey of a lifetime. Now it can be yours!

Your travel life has the essence of a dream. It is something outside the normal, yet you are in it.
Agatha Christie
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Discover the tour

By studying her letters and archives, Black Tomato have translated Agatha’s ‘grand tour’ into one monumental trip (plus, a scene-setting prelude in London) that has been designed to be taken either in three ‘chapters’ or as a 40-night whole. This is your chance to see the world through Agatha’s eyes and footsteps – and to better appreciate how travel inspired her lifetime of writing and mystery.

Prelude: London

Spend two nights at Brown's Hotel, where Agatha was a regular visitor, and learn from Christie experts in a city that she loved.

Chapter One: A grand adventure in Africa

Learn to surf, explore vineyards, take a legendary train and stay were Agatha herself did.

Chapter Two: A grand adventure in Australia and New Zealand

Follow her journey to the Blue Mountains, visit cities Agatha loved, seek out the wilderness she explored, and take a trip on a preserved steam train.

Chapter Three: A grand adventure in North America

Surf in Hawaii, explore the lakes, mountains and hot springs that captivated Christie in British Columbia and Alberta, and see Niagara Falls.

These expertly curated trips can be taken separately, or enjoyed as a single, seamless whole. To explore the trip and find out more about how to book visit Black Tomato's Agatha Christie hub.

About Black Tomato

Black Tomato are award-winning creators of unique, perfectly-tailored travel experiences. Visit their website to discover more about them, and their Agatha Christie trip.

"My great grandmother's travels were a huge influence on her writing. So, we were delighted when Black Tomato, a travel brand with storytelling at its heart, agreed to partner with us in celebrating Agatha's many adventures." James Prichard, Chairman and CEO of Agatha Christie Limited

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