Marple: Discover the Audiobook

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The latest Marple collection contains 12 unique cases for the sleuth from St. Mary Mead penned by 12 contemporary crime writers. So what better way to discover it, than with an all-star cast of spectacular narrators? Explore the book with an audio extract from each of the short stories. We've just detailed the set-up of each scene below, so its spoiler-free for new readers and listeners alike.

'Evil in Small Places'

A fireside conversation between Miss Marple and an old friend. The pair reflect on the dangers of village life.

'The Second Murder at the Vicarage'

The Wildean opening informs us that, alas, there is another body at the vicarage... But who is she?

'Miss Marple Takes Manhattan'

Neither the cold day, nor the swarm of yellow taxi cabs can prevent our sleuth from stepping out alone in NYC for a spot of shopping.

'The Unravelling'

A police sergeant reflects on Miss Marple's unique contribution to life in the village.

'Miss Marple's Christmas'

Expect some familiar faces as we join the Bantrys for a Christmas lunch you won't forget.

'The Open Mind'

Something at supper in St Bede's College Oxford doesn't sit right with Miss Marple, as she takes a seat at high table.

'The Jade Empress'

We join the female sleuth as she's embracing the atmosphere on board a cruise ship to Hong Kong.

'A Deadly Wedding Day'

Despite accepting an invitation to the wedding as a friend of the family, Jane Marple is curious to find out more about the bride who grew up in St Honoré.

'Murder at the Villa Rosa'

A successful novelist sizes Miss Marple up in Italy.

'The Murdering Sort'

An awkward conversation on Miss Marple's unique skill set prompts embarrassment in Cape Cod.

'The Mystery of the Acid Soil'

Miss Marple and a childhood friend are catching up whilst sipping gin in the summer sun.

'The Disappearance'

A desperate call from Dolly Bantry prompts Miss Marple to return to St Mary Mead earlier than she had planned.

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