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Read Christie 2024

1st July 2024

Join the official reading challenge, Read Christie 2024. This month we are reading Taken at the Flood.

Features Thumbnail Marple Audiobook

Marple: Discover the Audiobook

Listen to 12 excerpts from the Marple collection, an audiobook voiced by 12 renowned readers and actors

News Outset IACF2023

The International Agatha Christie Festival 2023

The International Agatha Christie Festival is back for 2023

Quizzes Thumbnail Westmacotts

Mary Westmacott: Matching Pairs

Can you match the Mary Westmacott titles to their relevant summaries?

Features Mary Westmacott Quotes

Quotes from Mary Westmacott

Discover the Mary Westmacott stories through quotes.

Quizzes Thumbnail Skull

Poison: A Quiz

Challenge your expertise with this deadly poisons quiz.

Quizzes Poisons Word Search

Poisons: A Word Search

Locate all 12 poisons to solve this deadly word search

Quizzes Thumbnail Final Poisoned Objects Word Scramble

Poisoned Objects: A Word Scramble

Unscramble the anagrams to unveil the poisoned items

Reading Lists Thumbnail Poison Stack W Magazine RL

10 Books Featuring Poison

Discover some of the best Agatha Christie books featuring poison

Reading Lists Inline Mary Westmacott Stack

The Mary Westmacott Reading List

Get to know the books written by Mary Westmacott, Agatha Christie's pseudonym


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