A Pot of Tea

  • Tommy & Tuppence
  • Short Story
  • 1929

Following WWI Tommy and Tuppence are seeking some adventure. Luckily they're soon offered a position covering Blunt's Detective Agency, Tommy taking on the role of Mr Blunt, Tuppence as his secretary.

More about this story

Ensconced in the offices of Blunt’s International Detective Agency at 118 Haleham Street, London, the Beresfords meet their first client, Lawrence St. Vincent. His secret love, shopgirl Janet Smith has disappeared without a trace. A rather boastful Tuppence claims finding her will take but twenty-four hours, though it is by no means certain that they will meet this impossible task.

This story was published by Collins in the collection Partners in Crime in 1929, and had its title changed from Publicity to A Fairy in the Flat/ A Pot of Tea. Aspects of the story also feature in the first episode, Meet the Beresfords, of the radio serial of the Partners in Crime in 1953, starring Richard Attenborough and Sheila Sim. It also featured as the opening premise of the first episode of the TV series Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime (1983).

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